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We design the wow factorWe design the wow factor

We design the wow factor

● Design second to none

● Design second to none

Orange Boxx Fabrication started as a solution to the problem of, "Where do I put my stuff!?" In 1999 we built a spider green sand rail. They are fun vehicles to drive around in, but if you have ever seen one you can just imagine that there is no place to secure any type of item. We came up with the solution by making custom molle panels for them. Word of mouth got around and we started making them for friends and anyone else that was interested. It was simply a way to help out others in our community, but it started an idea. Fast Forward to 2010 when we bought our first FJ Cruiser. A big truck that can take you almost anywhere you want to go, with the same issues as our sand rail. Where do we put our stuff? The rear end was a big open section with no real way to secure gear. With the sand rail we attached our racks to the roll bars, but the FJ was not as easy. The last thing we wanted to do was drill a bunch of holes. From these two ideas, securing gear and keeping the truck in tack, Orange Boxx was born. Our number one priority has always been to keep each other safe on and off road. After being a Firefighter for 10 years you learn that anything could become a projectile in an accident. So in every product we make, we always test them with the worst situations in mind. This has caused us to reject a few ideas that other companies have gone forward to make over the years, but we sleep better at night knowing our customers are safe. Our second priority is to attach our items to your vehicle using as many factory holes as possible. The worst part of buying a second hand vehicle is seeing where someone had drilled a bunch of holes throughout to attach different things to it. Its not always possible, as is the case of our rear door panels, however we do our best. We love what we do. Finding ways to utilize every space for storage safely is a goal we are always trying to achieve. What started as a simple solution has turned into a company we are proud to be a part of.
● Clean your clutter

● Clean your clutter

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